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I am a 43 year old Husband, Father, and Air Force Veteran. I am enrolled at Ames Bible College.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Holdrums Brother Albert

While Ms Holdrum and I were married we lived in Jacksonville Florida for a time.The apartment complex where we lived did not accpet cash payment and as Ms Holdrums credit prohibited her from having a bank account, we paied everything by money order. In late 2000 I gave Ms Holdrum brother Albert,who is in the US Navy, sufficient funds so he would right a check from his bank account for the rent. I perosnally witnessed Holdrum present the check to the apartment complex. What I did not know is that he never depostied the funds in his account.My then wife was weel aware of this. When the check bounced I went to the Navy.They refused to take any action to ensure that Mr Holdrum would make good on the check. Mr Holdrum had shipped out to sea so there was no opportunity for me to "require" him to do the right thing. We ended up getting evicted from the apartment.
To this date Mr Holdrum is still in the navy and the Navy refuses to make him take responsibility.When I was in the military a person had to be respeonsible and respectful or the service would force them to. Of course that was the Air Force. I quess we had a higher standard of ethics.


In addition to conning me into our marriage and causing me to pay child support for her children,Debbora Holdrum was an unfit parent. When we first me in 1998 she had sent her sons to visit her soon to be ex husband.We went to his residence and she knocked on the door to pick up the boys. The husband(soon to be ex) refused to give up the kids. I saw the oldest boy through the window crying and struggling to get out. I told Debbora but she said it was nothing and she insisted we leave. A month and a half later we found out the father was abusing the bloys to the point of felony child abuse. He entered a plea bargain and got probation and anger management classes.
When the boys arrived back to Debbora after their father was arrested I did my best to be there for them. She on the other hand wanted little to do with them. One night one of the younger boys came into her bedroom crying and wanted to be held. I was sleeping in the other room but was awakened by his crying and her screaming for him to go back to bed. I went and got the boy and layed down on the couch with him. He kept telling me his arm was hurting (as he had told her).I took him to the emergency room and it turns out it waas broken and he needed surgery. Turnes out he had fallen out of bed.He had told Debbora this and she had just told him go back to bed.
Although I was always working and supporting the family Debbora demanded that we move frequently.The boys went to schools in at least three states in three years. When we married I was the one who always went to school with the boys. She had no interest.I notified the authorities in NY when Debbora was there.They never took any action to investigate the matter. Debbora conned me and in doing so deprived me of time with my biological children.Worse though is she never showed any love or concern for her own children

Saturday, January 14, 2006


I am a 43 year old Air Force Veteran and in 1998 I met who appeared to be a wonderful woman in Strasburg Colorado. Debbora Lee Holdrum has four sons from a previous marriage. Although Ms Holdrums family tried to warn me about her controlling and abusive ways, I didnt listen. We married in Deer Trail Colorado in 2000.
Despite the fact that I was always employed and providing for the family, Debbora demanded that we move frequently. The boys attended schools in three states from 1998 until 2003. In 2001 we were living in Montgomery County New York. Wihtout notice Debbora dumped the boys on her ex in laws Harold and Evie Burnett and left NY State. Montgomery County New York immediately filed for support against me. Despite my appeals that I was neither the biological nor adoptive parent, the Montgomery County Family Court issued a child support order against me. I continued to appeal the order and in October 2003 Ms Holdrum and I divorced on my petition due to her adultery and abuse. Soon after the divorce Ms Holdrum issued a statement in writing indicating that she had lied to me and that ours was not a true marriage. In effect she had conned me. I submitted this statement to the Montgomery County Family Court. This did not change the status of the order.
Soon after the divorce I relocated to Tennessee and reconciled with my first wife and our two children whom I had always supported. In Sept 2005 I was working full time and supporting my family when Montgomery County attached my wages. This obviously hindered my ability to support my physically disabled wife and our two children. In early 2005 Montgomery County New York intercepted my federal tax refund. This action was taken despite the fact that I was paying the support. The refund exceeded the total amount due and I request that NY just take their money and send me the excess. I was told that federal law required them to hold the refund for six months before doing anything with it. In essence they had the money but still continued to attach my wages. In August 2005 I was notified that the account was paid in full. Still though no excess refund would be sent until the close of the six months. I was notified in writing that the refund would be returned to me 22 December 2005. This date came and went. I contacted the child support enforcement office in Montgomery Count New York and was greeted with rude comments. I contacted the Office Of The Governor. I never received a response.
On 3 Jaunary 2006 I received a partial refund of the income tax money. NY claims they had taken a portion of the refund in August to satisfy the account. Despite this they held the refund for five additional months. During the time they had the refund, my father passed away. Due to the financial hardship NY created I was unable to visit my father before he passed away or attend the funeral.
Children are a true gift from GOD. I have always supported my biological children. To require me or any person to support children to whom they have no relation is morally and ethically wrong.